Last Prince Of Alkebulahn

Josh NGon


Fifteen year old Joshua N’Gon was a mystery to himself and his foster mom Maria.

An orphan it seemed, Maria grew him up from he was six month’s old as her own. But soon she began to understand that Joshua was far more than her little boy and had a history that had been purposely hidden from her.

From his twelfth birthday onwards he began to receive strange birthday presents composed of tools and materials that only he seemed to fully understand.

Then came his uncanny flashes of genius and insight, his knack for creating complex machines and his ability to master any physical skill on his first try.

Desperate to find out who he really is, Joshua with his friends Brick, Maya and Zion, go in search of answers.

And what they find will catapult them into the realm of Alien crash sites, lost civilizations, arms dealing Billionaires and Augmented human assassins.

You see Joshua was the only way into a secret, a secret that could change the balance of world power forever and one which Kanu Umbekbu the most powerful business man on the planet would do anything to achieve.

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