Bad II the Bone

Bad 2 The Bone FRONT1

Three ordinary women with an extraordinary gift for warfare brought together under violent and mysterious circumstances to maintain the balance of good and evil.

Yvonne Y Sinclair, Suzanne Suzy Wong Young and Cleo Patra Jones think instead they shared a dream of freedom.

Bad II the Bone – was to be that freedom. It was to be an emporium of three levels of fashion, beauty and health, providing everything for the 21st century woman to shine. But Fate had already mapped out their destiny when Y’s ex stole every penny they had saved

But a bizarre turn of events see’s Bad II the Bone back on its feet in the form of a personal protection agency. And as fate would have it – Spokes - their first client is unwittingly the catalyst for diabolical mayhem in the streets of London.

Evil in the guise of Enoch Lacombe was walking the city bent on revenge and would stop at nothing to take back what had been taken from it. As the body count mounts of criminals and innocents alike Bad II the Bone has to keep their mark alive so he can disappear into obscurity. But Spokes has something Enoch wants and even if he is being protected by Destiny’s chosen warriors he will unleash the gates of hell to get it back.

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