Occult Bodyguards - We Got Your Back!

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Celebrities, politicians, dignitaries, VIPs, and royalty all have one thing in common other than
distinguished bank accounts. All of them rely on bodyguards for their personal safety. In Bad II
the Bone Spokes hires the buxom trio for not only physical but metaphysical protection. The
Darkman’s powers are extensive, breaching into other realms and our ladies were more
prepared for him than they could have even imagined. So what does it take to be a BAMF female
bodyguard in the supernatural realm?
The Element of Surprise
Women are underestimated in every male dominated field. This case of discrimination can prove
deadly to the unsuspecting chauvinist. While they’re expecting a naive little girl who doesn’t want
to break a nail, they’ll be blindsided by her breaking her foot in your ass. They will let their guard
down and not perceive her as a threat. This mistake will drive them to reveal themselves and
their hubris will be their downfall. What she may lack in stature she will make up with intuition
and supernatural gifts. An all seeing third eye will spot flaws that the perp didn’t even know he had
and the right incantation will turn his own demons against him.
Scouting and Detection
A professional bodyguard has to know how to spot trouble. She has to go ahead of her client and
make sure the coast is clear. If the client could land a contract with a clairvoyant, they’d be
ahead of the game. The ability to see what’s coming from beyond the horizon is keen in both
business and safety measures. For the client with a lion’s share of enemies, having notice of
oncoming mayhem in advance is better than an umbrella on a rainy day.
Preemptive Defense
A witch who can conjure wards to keep gangster boogie-men at bay as well as kick a man’s
teeth in while wearing four-inch heels is an undeniable asset. The first line of defense would be
the make sure all the locks are bolted and the windows are shut. Protective spells on home,
body and business is premier when dealing with otherworldly chaos. It’s not the bombast of
putting a home security system sign in the garden and hoping the thieves read it and run away. If
the ward is good enough, the witchy security will beg for someone to come test it.
Screening Calls
People have the ability to wear various faces. Their personality in front of their friends is not the
same face they show their parents and the mask they bring to a job interview is not the face they
show their lover (not if they actually want the job). Having an empath on the payroll who can
sense beyond man's many masks is a benefit that would repay the client in many returns. A
valuable team is made of people the client can trust. Bad II the Bone are that team.
Safe Transport
Important people have important things to do and most business can't be handled in the home
office. Eventually the shotcaller is going to have to leave the protection of his home and go out
into the world. Not all of the dangers of man lie on the physical plane. Nothing is worse than
having a beasty jump out of a portal ready to chomp down on its master's competition. The
bodyguard must be sensitive enough to deal with the things that go bump in the night as they
help move their client from point A to point B. They have to have the tools and insight to deal with
both human and inhuman roadblocks.


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