The Dynamic Duo - Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington

Posted by Anton Marks on 1 March 2015 | 0 Comments


Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington

What if - Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington kept working together into the future to produce graphic novel or speculative fiction properties with a street edge. I'm salivating at  the prospect because this is a scenario that is not just a figment of my imagination but something that is a distinct possibility. Denzel's bio is a matter of record and over his illustrious career he has tackled a diverse range of characters in different genres. Antoine Fuqua is also blazing a trail with action dramas, action thrillers and even historical action adventure. Both have worked together on Training Day - winning his second oscar for his role and The Equalizer. The chemistry between both men is unique and this combination of talent  and professional respect has the potential -  if it continues - to produce some memorable movie moments especially for the lovers of the Urban Fantastic.

One thing I don't need to speculate about is that the dynamic duo are teaming up again for MGM's long-in-development remake of "The Magnificent Seven" considered one of the greatest westerns ever made - the original was a 1960 American western directed by John Sturges, which was itself a remake of Akira Kurosawa's "Seven Samurai". It will be interesting to see how the remake is handled. With Washington I assume taking over the role previously held by Yul Brenner, it will be fascinating to see how race is handled in the film. It would be hard to not acknowledge how the additional hardship of being black in the wild west America would affect the character. But I know it will be handled with style - I loved Quentin Tarantino's take in Django. 

The Fuqua/Washington redo will be set just after the Civil War, and, we can also now add that, like its predecessor, it'll, once again, be set in a small town - although, in this case, a small town built around a gold mine - that's threatened by a ruthless baron and his gang of thugs, who attempts to take over the town, which leads to the deaths of many of its people, in the process. In response, a young widow -  played by the recently-cast Haley Bennett who hires a bounty hunter - Denzel Washington - to use his particular skills set to rid the town of the bad guys. He does so with the help of 6 hired guns - one of them will be played by Chris Pratt; the rest are yet to be cast.

What also interest me is how Fuqua and Washington will choose the other five members of the legendary posse. They will have to be as high a caliber as Chris Pratt, mixed ethnicity and must be able to bring varying degrees of awesomeness to a genre that is no longer dominant in Hollywood. But I've got faith they can do it and both these men's track record will allow them to tap in to the best and the brightest talents to make this happen.

I'll be watching this with interest and keeping my fingers crossed, that when messieurs Fuqua and Washington finish the Magnificent Seven they will cast their gaze in our direction. Urban Fantastic needs some love.












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