Pay the Cost, to be the Boss

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If you’re not Patra then you have to make your own luck and Y is good at that. In Bad II the Bone ,
we meet her in the midst of making her dreams a reality, just before it backfires in her face
thanks to a no-good fool of an ex-boyfriend. Y’s instincts are always to bounce back when
adversity hits. That makes her a good leader. How do you handle setback?
Kicking Opportunity's Door in
Good things don't just wander in from the cold. You got to snatch opportunity by its weave and
drag it kicking and screaming to where you want it to go. Y isn't the one to sit on her hands and
wait for the other shoe to drop. She gets in front and stays there, so she misses nothing.
Respect the Side Hustle
For everyday living, Y has a diverse skillset. Besides kicking ass and taking names, her interests
range from fitness, fashion to health and beauty. She definitely does not pack all of her eggs in
one basket. If one thing falls through, she has enough skills to quickly get back into the game of
life. She's also more than happy to pick up a new life skill when she needs to. If life throws a
challenge her way, she’s willing and able to learn something new.
Talk the Talk and Walk the Walk
You can build as many dream boards and write as much as you want in your diary about your
aspirations, but until you dust yourself off after a defeat and take action, all of the above is paper
fantasies. Y is always in the midst of a project that has usually bypassed the planning stage. She
is all about implementation and execution because she knows that she’s a hundred percent
responsible for her actions.
Know Thine Enemy
Y knows the risk. She knows her haters and does her best to keep them all at bay. That's not to
say that things always go smoothly or without a hitch - if she listened to Suzy more, it probably
would go better. But she knows how to make informed choices and follow through whatever the
consequences. Blame no one. Because whether we like it or not the buck stops with us.
Get it Together, and Do it Quick!
Y has connections and if her connections fall through, she develops new ones. Y is quick to pull
her resources and have them available when she needs to get shit done. Sadly, no matter how
much planning you do, if the universe has other plans for you, anything you do opposite will go up
in flames. Don't fret, though. Something better is always around the corner. Just keep moving
and believing. 

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