Ne -Yo is a Fan of Urban Fantastic

Posted by Anton Marks on 23 February 2015 | 0 Comments


Ne Yo and Stan Lee

I'm not surprised by Ne-Yo's love of the fantastic, come on, only a fanboy would create something like the Beautiful Monster video. For that single he re-teamed with StarGate, the Norwegian production duo that has supplied some of his biggest and best hits. This brother is super talented artist of that no one can question but I was pleasantly surprised how he handled himself as cpl Kevin Harris in Battle Los Angeles. He harbors a passion for things Urban Fantastic.

In his own words Ne-Yo said.

'I am huge comic book fan, I'm a fanboy all day long, I squealed like a girl when I heard the Thor movie was coming out, I still haven't seen it yet,' he said. 'I'd love to play a comic character, absolutely because I'm a huge action fan too,' the singer added.

So the 30-year-old singer, born Schaeffer Smith, took his passion for latex-suited superbeings and applied it — loosely — to Libra Scale. He said further.

"The whole idea to do this for my fourth came from not doing an album in '09 because I was doing two movies, learning how to write for the screen," he says. "And then, the inspiration was furthered by Michael Jackson's passing, looking at 'Thriller,' 'Moonwalker,' 'Bad.' Those were more than just videos — those were movies."

To further add to his comic book credentials back in 2010 he shared a stage with Stan Lee, the 91 -year-old former president and chairman of Marvel Comics, at New York Comic Con.  During his portion of the panel, Lee turned on his well-known exuberance to praise Ne-Yo and the importance of both music and comics in pop culture. There was some giggling as Lee repeatedly referred to the R&B singer as a "rapper" but uncle Stan gets a pass for that.

I think the concept of a comic in a live-action form tells you Ne-Yo could have some interesting ideas in front of and behind the camera. I'm hoping his passion for comics will get him supporting the Black Speculative fiction crusade. He's already produced a comic - linked to his album and some powerful music videos. Imagine what he could do as a writer, producer or filmmaker.









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