Mama's Gonna Knock You Out

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Whether it was racing through the streets of London on a motorbike with cops on her tail,
using her fists to make her point of view crystal clear or taking ownership of
an unwinnable situation, queen bee Ramona Cleopatra “Patra” Jones the third member of the
supernatural trio Bad II the Bone does nothing short of laugh in the face of danger. Her
nonchalant approach to risky business is what we all should aspire to.

Thinking about the pros now and the cons later

What stays off the page is the quick calculations in Patra’s head. The decisions she makes are
lightning fast and precise. She sees how things can go from bad to worst but knows that not
acting at all is more detrimental than trying. Sometimes you have to jump in with both feet and
hope for the best. Not all of us are literally kicking ass and taking names, but we do face
everyday challenges that require decisions to be made. How often do you step out of your
comfort zone?

No pain, no gain

The world is a hard place to live even for the luckiest cats and for every action there is an equal
or greater reaction. Sometimes we fall and it is not a short trip. Often times we hit rock bottom
and have to climb our way back up to the tob. Patra understands this and that’s why she didn’t
turn her back on her sisters. She fought through the pain and heartache of a lost dream to get
back to the top. As they say, in order to make an omelette you gotta break some eggs.

Fear has never gotten anybody anywhere

Could you imagine if the Amelia Earhart had a fear of heights? Or if Whitney Houston shied away
from her own voice? What child would learn to walk if they were afraid to fall? Fear is the enemy
of action, innovation, adventure and success. If we learn to conquer our fears about change and
existing without safety nets, there is no limit to what we can achieve. Patra and the girls had their
safety net ripped right from under them and they still managed to bounce back, bigger and
badder than ever. Are you afraid of what fate has in store for you?

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than to be good

In Patra's case it's a lot of both. Relying on faith and luck is risky in itself, but sometimes it’s all
you’ve got, especially in a world built for those who have more connections than skills. We bust
our ass trying to get ahead, when we might do better setting goals but going with the flow. We
may not have the supernatural gift of luck like Patra or the crew of Bad II the Bone but If you’re
not operating at your full potential because of a set of statistics saying that you won’t succeed,
then you’re doing yourself an injustice. Luck doesn’t abide by the laws of probability and
statistics alone and it’s best not to try and understand it. Are you playing the cards you’ve been
dealt, well good. Push forward you are luckier than you think.


Bad II the Bone is available in Kindle or Paperback on Amazon.




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