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Being attuned is more than slow breathing and tree hugging. In Bad II the Bone Suzanne “Suzy”
Wong Young runs on pure instinct and intuition. Her ability to consistently stay cool under
pressure is no accident and who knows, you might not be as psychically attuned as Suzy but
you could be on your way to living in the now.

Mindfulness is Happiness

Suzy is not the type of woman who operates on autopilot. Mindfulness, in short, is the process of
living in the now as opposed to living in the past or worrying about the future. It is being
completely aware of your current situation regardless of it being bogged down at work or
being threatened by demonic forces. Mindfulness improves focus, engagement, lowers stress and has
shown to improve the way people process pain and emotions. Suzy’s laser focus and calm is
grounded in mindful meditation techniques, which keep practitioners grounded whether they are
in the midsts of life threatening situations or relaxing. How mindful are you?

Read the Signs and Take Control

Evidence of the nature of the game is all around us. Suzy is quick and adept at reading the signs
in the environment around her, and we’re not talking about chatting with rocks. Actions will
always speak louder than words. Suzy keeps her attention focussed and as well as reading the
body language and actions of those around, Ms Wong monitors the psychic frequencies too. But
she doesn’t need her gifts to tell a liar. Their body will always betray them, making a person with
a keen eye aware of their true intentions. Have you been practicing your body language reading
skills lately?

Energy is in the Touch

Do objects vibrate beneath your fingertips? All of the ladies of Bad II the Bone are perceptive of
the physical energy around them, but Suzy is the one who is constantly plugged in. Objects hold
a history of energy for her and she can tell a lot from the energy signatures people leave behind.
Can you sense these residual energies? Do you feel drawn to some places and repelled by
others? Are you praised for your keen sense of intuition?

Action over Reaction

They say you should look before you leap, but when it comes to the deadly situations like the
ones our girls face in Bad II the Bone, it’s sometimes better to act now and ask questions later.
Reacting to a situation leaves you victim to whatever chaos is coming your way and with limited
options. Acting when your trained intuition warns you of a situation, gives you a lot of options. You
have the control and your opposition has to react to you. Suzy’s quick instincts and fast thinking
keep her ahead of the game and rarely a victim of circumstance. Nothing messes up your Zen
like unhandled business.

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