The Guardians of The Galaxy

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A Quick Review of Guardians of the Galaxy


For genre film fans there is a lot of choice when it comes to intergalactic adventure past and present that's out their now. And I can understand when you think the plots are going to be disposable ideas cherry picked from the best productions but this is Marvel Studios rude bwoy, have a little faith.

Director James Gunn has composed a film that confounds the jaded fan boys and girls with riotous fun measured perfectly in a spectacular Star War-esque universe.

What I really love is how he suckers you into thinking the nine year old gray-scale Peter Quill of 1984 Earth is a good indication of what was to come. The young man is transported into a star ship after his mother dies and is whisked to another galaxy. Man was I dead wrong.




Chris Pratt as Starlord in his new world 26 years later blasts your irises with color and alien worlds. The sci-fi backdrop is bold and bright.

The gang meet up after an hilarious prison break on an alien planet and you immediately see how Rocket Racoon, Groot, Gamora and Drax riff off each other to amusing effect.

The soundtrack is quirky and based around the nine year old earthbound Peter Quill's cassette on his Sony Walkman which unfortunately had no Reggae or Hip Hop but they get a pass for featuring some classic eighties tunes.

Trying to figure out the Marvel codex for a successful film is not easy but I think the House of Ideas and the House of Mouse are on to something. The showdown is classic - our quintet against the odd's - and will have you pulling the joystick with Rocket Racoon and the Nova Corp as there spacecraft take on the might of Ronan the Accuser - see it in 3D, it's eye-popping.

This film has heart and the characters that really pull off the trick of connecting with the audience are the CG characters Groot and Rocket Racoon. With the Avengers and GOTG, DC's movie arm  has a lot of work to do to rival these two properties. Let's see how they handle the pressure.

As you may have heard already, James Gun has been given Guardians of the Galaxy II and for good reason. I loved it.

Go see!

Peace, Love and Power


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