My Pulp Fiction Classics Become Films

Posted by Anton Marks on 23 August 2014 | 0 Comments


My Pulp Fiction Classics Become Films


There are some things that after so many years, I've come to realize have had a great impact on my style of writing and I guess influencing the weird shit that I'm interested in. I love pulp fiction from the seventies and I was a voracious reader of Nick Carter, Black Samurai, Death Merchant - some of my friends from Jamaica still call me this, Executioner and the Destroyer. Look them up. My mom was not pleased of course thinking I would become a depraved bloodthirsty killer - which never happened I might add. Instead it became an introduction into my literary development, which has led me into areas I wouldn't have guessed I would have ended up on my journey of discovery. Why the nostalgia? Well I've just heard that two of my favourite pulp fiction novels series - The Executioner - Mack Bolan and The Destroyer - Remo Williams are finally  being seriously considered as films. 

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They made a Destroyer movie years ago starring Fred Ward, which for its time was cool but todays technology could really bring these guys and their world into stark reality. It's amazing that these properties rested in Development Hell for decades and finally they could be seeing the light of a cinema screen and that feels good.

It reminds me about my struggles to create something that will withstand the test of time too. So as my quirky brainchild of Urban Fantastic slowly comes to life through my novels, I believe there is hope for me if I stick to my convictions and give the best without compromising my vision. Not everyone will take the journey with me but those who do, I will give you the most immersive experience I am able with the resources at my disposal.

I won't disappoint and maybe one day we'll be celebrating one of my works on the big screen too.

Peace, Love and Power


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