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Posted by Anton Marks on 19 June 2015 | 0 Comments


Good 2 Be Bad cover visual 5


You didn't think I'd forgotten the Bad II the Bone girls did you? Not a chance, rude bwoy.

They are the only women I will openly admit to stalking - metaphorically speaking that is, and if that was a crime, I'd smile fondly at the criminal record I received. Bad II the Bone has been running nicely in the background while I finish the first draft of my Young Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel - Last Prince of Alkebulahn. The story is coming together really well and I can reveal the girls are up against Miranda Pheare - female vampire from Jamaica, who is a supernatural force of nature. I also decided not use the Russian werewolf idea I had and save it for another adventure. But believe me when I say Miranda can hold her own and makes London bleed for its complicity in destroying her lover, a hundred and thirty years ago.

Its a cool concept that gives me the opportunity to use the familiar horror tropes we are so fond of but  in a different way, an Urban Fantastic way.

The cover that I'm featuring is my designers first shot at a cover design for the second in the installment of Bad II the Bone series called Good II be Bad. The unique challenge I face in producing covers for my books is the chronic lack of ethnic models  in action poses. Now add the fact that I'm looking for female Chinese, African-American and Afro Caribbean characters and the odds of creating my kind of covers have just rocketed to an almost absurd level of difficulty. I know I'm giving my designer grey hairs but he's a genius for finding ways to produce what I'm looking for.

Not bad for a first attempt.

The cockroaches are cool too because they are very significant to the plot.

When I asked him how he got the tattoo on Suzy Wongs arm, he just chuckled ominously. "If I tell you mate, I'll have to kill you." 

I believe him.



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