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Posted by Anton Marks on 5 February 2015 | 0 Comments


Dear Diary:

“Don’t start none, won’t be none” is not only a clapback at folks who be stirring trouble, but it’s
also a warning for those who want to avoid the boring life. Unless you want to sit on your ass,
watching lame TV for the rest of your life, you’ll start some and get nothing. There are times when
you just have to jump in with both feet and throw caution into the wind. Naysayers be damned
and haters to the left, because it’s your life and your choices, and if it were up to me, no one
would ever regret not doing something.

The world is a scary place, and it’s a dangerous gig. For Bad II the Bone the weirdness is just
beginning. But for us its different. To even threaten someone’s safety net is almost like
threatening their lives, but you know what? Sometimes you have to go above and beyond the limits
of your safety net in order to find new comfort. How does the saying go? Wish in one hand, shit
in the other, see which one fills up first? You can’t just sit around wishing for your dreams to
come true. You can’t wait for opportunity to knock. You gotta go to opportunity’s house and kick
its goddamn door down.

You’re not going to have a perfect record. Failure is going to come, but you can’t fail or succeed
at something you never ventured to do in the first place. Failure is not the worst thing that can
happen to you. Until your soul makes its final exit, you’re never done making attempts and taking
risks. There is always another opportunity, another ledge to jump for. As long as your lungs hold
breath, you need to be reaching, you feel me suga.

You just never know. Don’t get stuck in would’ve, could’ve, should’ve when you can do shit. Look at
me and my sisters at Bad II the Bone. We did it and did it well.

If you want something you've never had, You must be willing to do something you've never done.

- Thomas Jefferson

Stay loose baby.







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