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Ne -Yo is a Fan of Urban Fantastic

23 February 2015

I'm not surprised by Neyo's love of the fantastic, come on, only a fanboy would create something like the Beautiful Monster video. For that single he re-teamed with StarGate, the Norwegian production duo that has supplied some of his biggest and best hits. This brother is super talented artist of th... Read More
Tyler Perry21

What Tyler Perry Could do for Black Speculative Fiction

18 February 2015

I just watched Gone Girl - brilliant movie - of which my man Tyler Perry played a major role. It reminded me about the Tyler Takeover and his secret love for genre films. From plays to DVD'S, TV, Movies and his acting roles, my man has cornered one segment of the entertainment market, all by himsel... Read More
5 reasons1

5 Reasons You want Suzy Wong to Have Your Back

16 February 2015

If you are Bad II the Bone then there will always be situations where you need an extra pair of eyes and an extra pair of hands. But what would you do to get a heightened sixth sense? An extra boost of agility and swiftness? An extra pair of butterfly swords even? Suzy is the one who you want in you... Read More
Dear Diary Patras Thoughts1

Dear Diary - Patra's Thoughts

5 February 2015

“Don’t start none, won’t be none” is not only a clapback at folks who be stirring trouble, but it’s also a warning for those who want to avoid the boring life. Unless you want to sit on your ass, watching lame TV for the rest of your life, you’ll start some and get nothing. Read More

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