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5 Reasons You want Suzy Wong to Have Your Back

16 February 2015

If you are Bad II the Bone then there will always be situations where you need an extra pair of eyes and an extra pair of hands. But what would you do to get a heightened sixth sense? An extra boost of agility and swiftness? An extra pair of butterfly swords even? Suzy is the one who you want in you... Read More
Dear Diary Patras Thoughts1

Dear Diary - Patra's Thoughts

5 February 2015

“Don’t start none, won’t be none” is not only a clapback at folks who be stirring trouble, but it’s also a warning for those who want to avoid the boring life. Unless you want to sit on your ass, watching lame TV for the rest of your life, you’ll start some and get nothing. Read More
green lantern4

Tyrese Gibson wants to play Green Lantern

27 January 2015

Actor-singer Tyrese Gibson has apparently taken a page from his social media-loving Fast & Furious co-star Vin Diesel's playbook to lobby for a comic book movie role. Gibson has been working on TRANSFORMERS and FAST AND FURIOUS franchises for some time now and seems he wants to establish himself in ... Read More

Leslie Jones to star in all-female ‘Ghostbusters’ reboot

27 January 2015

The announcement of the Ghostbusters reboot being an all female cast had me intrigued but realizing their was a sister I'm not familiar with piqued my interest. Read More
Dr Strange1

Marvel Is Looking For Chiwetel Ejiofor To Join Doctor Strange movie

24 January 2015

It’s difficult to visualize four movies ahead in a major film franchise, but that is now the standard of the exponentially growing superhero film genre. Hollywood’s biggest studios are currently developing nearly 50 Marvel and DC Comics live-action adaptations for theatrical release in the next five... Read More
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Dear Diary - Y's Thoughts

21 January 2015

  Dear Diary from Yvonne Sinclair aka Y The one thing people really agree on is that love, no matter what form it comes in, hurts.There’s no denying that pain goes hand in hand with pleasure. I know that to be a fact and anygood martial arts instructor will tell you, that it’s not the strike that h... Read More

Milestone 2.0

21 January 2015

Milestone Media is being revived, the 1990s publishing company is being revived, almost 4 years after the sudden death of its founder (February 21, 2011) Dwayne Glenn McDuffie. Read More

Fight Like a Girl

5 January 2015

  Ain’t nothing quite like a bad gyal with a blade. What you gonna do with two? The swords theladies of Bad II the Bone use are drenched in rich history and tradition. This is where East meetsWest and with Patra not the one to be left out, she brings her own devastation with decoratedfists. Hudieda... Read More

Live in the Now with Suzy Wong

17 December 2014

  Being attuned is more than slow breathing and tree hugging. In Bad II the Bone Suzanne “Suzy” Wong Young runs on pure instinct and intuition. Her ability to consistently stay cool under pressure is no accident and who knows, you might not be as psychically attuned as Suzy but you could be on your... Read More

Mama's Gonna Knock You Out

10 December 2014

    Whether it was racing through the streets of London on a motorbike with cops on her tail,using her fists to make her point of view crystal clear or taking ownership ofan unwinnable situation, queen bee Ramona Cleopatra “Patra” Jones the third member of thesupernatural trio Bad II the Bone does ... Read More

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