5 Reasons You want Suzy Wong to Have Your Back

Posted by Anton Marks on 16 February 2015 | 0 Comments

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If you are Bad II the Bone then there will always be situations where you need an extra pair of
eyes and an extra pair of hands. But what would you do to get a heightened sixth sense? An
extra boost of agility and swiftness? An extra pair of butterfly swords even? Suzy is the one who
you want in your corner when the shit hits the fan. Her extra senses and skill are more than
enough to keep you out of the fire.

Pressure is nothing

Suzy’s quiet stoicism isn’t just for show. She knows how to keep her cool when it matters the
most. Her perceptions are rarely clouded by extreme emotions. That’s not to say she doesn’t
feel anything. In fact, she feels everything. Feel free to freak out, because Suzy’s holding it down.

A third eye that sees in 20/20

She’s not waving her hands over a crystal ball. Ain’t nobody got time for that, but when the world
shows signs that something ain’t right she’s on top of it. Her sharp senses detect danger before
it makes itself known. She might hold back,and see what happens next, but believe, after seeing
what Bad II the Bone have witnessed she’s not surprised by much anymore.

If you blink you’ll miss her

Suzy is fast. Her adeptness of skills allows her to make split-second decisions with her
movements. Her opponents don’t see her coming and they don’t stand a chance. If you’re lucky
you’re on her side. Let her do the speedy footwork and keep your hands and attention free for
other matters.

Mind, Body, & Spirit

Her power comes from her united being. She is one with her mind, body, and spirit. This
awareness of self gives her sure footing in the heat of battle. She moves without uncertainty and
is able to engage in all points of contact. If you don’t learn anything else from Suzy, learn how to
stay grounded and centered.

She’s Here to stay

The men in Bad II the Bone  seem to have a hard time finding people they can trust. Once Suzy
takes you under her wing, she is not going to give you up. Her loyalty knows no bounds and it’s
exactly what anyone who is under the gun needs when it comes down to what counts. Suzy is
not going to turn her back on you when the waves get rough. You have to respect that.

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