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My quick Thoughts on Anthony Mackie's Black Panther Comments

24 October 2015

I can almost feel Anthony Mackie's trepidation right across the Atlantic to the UK. This is a man who is worries that the Black Panther will fall into the hands of a director who will not do it Justice. Read More

Good II be Bad Cover Mark 1

19 June 2015

You didn't think I'd forgotten the girls did you? Not a chance.
They are the only women I will openly admit to stalking - metaphorically speaking that is, and smile fondly at the criminal record I received. Read More

Akon Helped to Inspire my Young Adult Novel

10 June 2015

When I first heard of Akon’s massive philanthropic gesture and read about the groundbreaking contribution his organization had made, I was blown away. I was further impressed he chose to improve people’s lives through technology and it resonated with the work I’m doing on my present project. Read More
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First Draft of Last Prince of Alkebulahn

4 May 2015

I've been working on my Young Adult Sci-Fi/Fantasy novel for about 10 months now and I've just finished the first draft, so my mind is already in promotion and marketing mode. Read More
concrete park12

Concrete Park - A Truly Urban Fantastic Graphic Novel

12 April 2015

I'm slow on the uptake, I will admit that because its true. I always seem to not discover the good stuff but fortuitously get introduced to it. I'm getting better though and one of these days it will happen. I will be the first to discover something really cool. But Until then let me introduce you t... Read More
occult bodyguards2

Occult Bodyguards - We Got Your Back!

24 March 2015

Celebrities, politicians, dignitaries, VIPs, and royalty all have one thing in common other than distinguished bank accounts. All of them rely on bodyguards for their personal safety. In Bad II the Bone Spokes hires the buxom trio for not only physical but metaphysical protection. The Darkman’s powe... Read More
Pay the cost3

Pay the Cost, to be the Boss

13 March 2015

If you’re not Patra then you have to make your own luck and Y is good at that. In Bad II the Bone , we meet her in the midst of making her dreams a reality, just before it backfires in her face thanks to a no-good fool of an ex-boyfriend. Y’s instincts are always to bounce back when adversity hits... Read More
The Dynamic Duo1

The Dynamic Duo - Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington

1 March 2015

What if - Antoine Fuqua and Denzel Washington kept working together into the future to produce graphic novel or speculative fiction properties with a street edge. I'm salivating at the prospect because this is a scenario that is not just a figment of my imagination but something that is a distinct ... Read More

Ne -Yo is a Fan of Urban Fantastic

23 February 2015

I'm not surprised by Neyo's love of the fantastic, come on, only a fanboy would create something like the Beautiful Monster video. For that single he re-teamed with StarGate, the Norwegian production duo that has supplied some of his biggest and best hits. This brother is super talented artist of th... Read More
Tyler Perry21

What Tyler Perry Could do for Black Speculative Fiction

18 February 2015

I just watched Gone Girl - brilliant movie - of which my man Tyler Perry played a major role. It reminded me about the Tyler Takeover and his secret love for genre films. From plays to DVD'S, TV, Movies and his acting roles, my man has cornered one segment of the entertainment market, all by himsel... Read More

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